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Marketing and writing go together like a wink and a smile. I love writing on various topics, and for various purposes. From marketing copy to magazine articles, to travel blogs, to interviews, I have covered it all. Take a look for yourself and see how my writing skills could benefit your needs.

Travel Blog

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Travel with me… virtually anywhere.

I love to walk a lot and explore the less beaten path just to see where it leads – which is usually to food…. I take photos of the vistas and meet interesting people along the way. I explore our differences and similarities, and mostly I enjoy the wonders of wandering internationally.

Business Blog

Everybody has a story - storytelling blog Oana Harrison writing


Everybody has a story.

I listen, write, and share some stories with you. I often ponder about existential questions and I like to present different perspectives in order to shed some light on these matters. I observe people, facts, and happenings, and capture them in what I hope to be a good read.

Freelance Writing

Oana Harrison Wellness articles Cityview Magazine

Cityview Magazine

Knoxville, TN’s premiere lifestyle magazine

As a Senior Writer for Knoxville’s premiere lifestyle magazine, I pitched, researched, and wrote a series of wellness and health articles, reaching 350K+ readers. You may read my articles on the Wellness section of my travel blog.


Of One Blood

Of One Blood is my first book. Written in 2018 and published in 2020, it tells my story of coming to America, along with the stories of some my college classmates, providing an international perspective. I showcase Berea College, a unique small Kentucky college that fulfills big dreams.

Marketing Strategy & Copy

B2B, B2C, Higher Education, Non-Profit Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Over the course of the years, I provided strategic planning to companies and individuals in a variety of industries. In addition, I also wrote extensively and orchestrated implementation of plans and tactics.



  • SERVICES: Branding, Websites, Social Media, Press Releases, Lead Generation, Budgeting, Planning, Campaigns
  • EXAMPLES: Pharma Packaging Solutions & Carton Service, Inc.: Branding & Websites, Marketing Plan & Budget, Sales Team Support, Ad Campaigns, Press Releases
New Brand Identity
New Website
Promotional Campaign for Pharmaceutical Packaging
CRx Campaign
Pharma Packaging Solutions Social Media


  • SERVICES: Customer Segmentation & Persona, Loyalty Campaign
    • Jewelry Television: Branding & Customer Profiling, Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty Program
    • Carmen.photo: Website, Copy, Promotions
      • Website Tag line: “Capture the moment, cherish the memory.”
      • Promotions: “You’re amazing. Your photo should be too!” (Personal Branding/Headshots); “Boss & Belle”, “Beauty & Brains” – “Because a woman has many facets.” (Women’s Day)
    • Dr. Daniela Moise, Women’s Health and Healing
      • dmwomenshealth.com: Website, Copy

Higher Education

  • SERVICES: Marketing Strategy, Budget, Communications (Print & Digital) Plan and Copy
    • The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Communication Flow
Print Postcard

The old Viewbook (main publication) featured a two-page dark image that referred to something that was only familiar to the local students, while out-of-state students couldn’t relate. We replaced the image with a beautiful panorama of the campus, in bright light and vivid colors, along with the new copy I put together, aiming to inspire prospective students, while at the same time offering them a sense of place – the campus with the mountain range backdrop.

Print Publication Sample: before and after
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