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Marketing and writing go together like a wink and a smile. I love writing on various topics, and for various purposes. From marketing copy to magazine articles, to travel blogs, to interviews, I have covered it all. Take a look for yourself and see how my writing skills could benefit your needs.

Travel Blog

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Travel with me… virtually anywhere.

I love to walk a lot and explore the less beaten path just to see where it leads – which is usually to food…. I take photos of the vistas and meet interesting people along the way. I explore our differences and similarities, and mostly I enjoy the wonders of wandering internationally.

Business Blog

Everybody has a story - storytelling blog Oana Harrison writing


Everybody has a story.

I listen, write, and share some stories with you. I often ponder about existential questions and I like to present different perspectives in order to shed some light on these matters. I observe people, facts, and happenings, and capture them in what I hope to be a good read.

Freelance Writing

Oana Harrison Wellness articles Cityview Magazine

Cityview Magazine

Knoxville, TN’s premiere lifestyle magazine

As a Senior Writer for Knoxville’s premiere lifestyle magazine, I pitched, researched, and wrote a series of wellness and health articles, reaching 350K+ readers. You may read my articles on the Wellness section of my travel blog.

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