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Marketing and writing go together like a wink and a smile. I love writing on various topics, and for various purposes. From marketing copy to magazine articles, to travel blogs, to interviews, I have covered it all. Take a look for yourself and see how my writing skills could benefit your needs.

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Travel with me… virtually anywhere.

Travel blog, exploring U.S. and worldwide destinations through food, drinks, and vistas.

I love to walk a lot and explore the less beaten path just to see where it leads – which is usually to food…. I take photos of the vistas and meet interesting people along the way. I explore our differences and similarities, and mostly I enjoy the wonders of wandering internationally.

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Everybody has a story.

I interview people on a variety of subjects and I share my thoughts on various subjects.

I listen, write, and share some stories with you. I often ponder about existential questions and I like to present different perspectives in order to shed some light on these matters. I observe people, facts, and happenings, and capture them in what I hope to be a good read. Thank you for stopping by and I welcome you back anytime.

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Freelance Writing

I was a senior writer for Cityview Magazine between 2013 and 2017, contributing a series of articles on wellness. Click on the links below to read the full articles.

Cityview Magazine is Knoxville’s premier magazine covering the topics and trends that affect Tennesseans in and around the Knoxville area (6 issues/year; 25K circulation; 400K readership).

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To Your Health!New Year’s Resolutions
Integrating Your Healthcare Options Alternative Medicine
Comfort in a Cup Cocoa and Coffee
Surf and Turf Meats
The Battle of the Allergies Seasonal Allergies
The Scoop on Summer Sweets Desserts
Get Smart! Be Healthy! Physical and Mental Health
There’s an App for That! Health Apps
Eat, Drink, Be Merry – and Fight Colds Naturally Herbs, Spices, Mushrooms for Immune System
Don’t Eat Your Greens – Drink Them! Juicing
Farm-to-table Distance – We Did the Math! Farm to Table
Olive Oil, Lemons, and Sunshine – The Greek Diet Olive Oil and Lemons
The ABCs of Fall Food Apples, Beans, and Corn
The Best for the Holidays Top Chefs
The Anti-Cancer Mob: Cruciferous Vegetables Cruciferous Vegetables
Spring Has Sprung…A Spring Allium! Allium
Summer Fresh, Farm Fresh Summer Mix
Small but Potent Berries
Root for the Orange Team! Squash, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes
Fun, Festive, and In Fine Fettle Cabbage
Why Green Tea Should Be Your Cup of Tea Green Tea
Berry – With A Hint Of Chocolate Acai Berry
You Say Tomato, Cityview Asks What Type? Tomatoes
Go Bananas!  Run For It! Bananas
hOMe For The Holidays The Holidays