Marketing Work Samples


  • SERVICES: Branding, Websites, Social Media, Press Releases, Lead Generation, Budgeting, Planning, Campaigns
  • EXAMPLES: Pharma Packaging Solutions & Carton Service, Inc.: Branding & Websites, Marketing Plan & Budget, Sales Team Support, Ad Campaigns, Press Releases
New Brand Identity
New Website
Promotional Campaign for Pharmaceutical Packaging
CRx Campaign
Pharma Packaging Solutions Social Media


  • SERVICES: Customer Segmentation & Persona, Loyalty Campaign
    • Jewelry Television: Branding & Customer Profiling, Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty Program
    • Website, Copy, Promotions
      • Website Tag line: “Capture the moment, cherish the memory.”
      • Promotions: “You’re amazing. Your photo should be too!” (Personal Branding/Headshots); “Boss & Belle”, “Beauty & Brains” – “Because a woman has many facets.” (Women’s Day)
    • Dr. Daniela Moise, Women’s Health and Healing
      • Website, Copy

Higher Education

  • SERVICES: Marketing Strategy, Budget, Communications (Print & Digital) Plan and Copy
    • The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Communication Flow
Print Postcard

The old Viewbook (main publication) featured a two-page dark image that referred to something that was only familiar to the local students, while out-of-state students couldn’t relate. We replaced the image with a beautiful panorama of the campus, in bright light and vivid colors, along with the new copy I put together, aiming to inspire prospective students, while at the same time offering them a sense of place – the campus with the mountain range backdrop.

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