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Of One Blood

Of One Blood is my first book. Written in 2018 and published in 2020, it tells my story of coming to America, along with the stories of some my college classmates, providing an international perspective. I showcase Berea College, a unique small Kentucky college that fulfills big dreams.


Cityview Magazine

As a Senior Writer for Knoxville’s premiere lifestyle magazine, I pitched, researched, and wrote a series of wellness and health articles, reaching 350K+ readers. You may read my articles on the Wellness section of my travel blog.

Travel Blog


Travel with me… virtually anywhere.

I love to walk a lot and explore the less beaten path just to see where it leads – which is usually to food…. I take photos of the vistas and meet interesting people along the way. I explore our differences and similarities, and mostly I enjoy the wonders of wandering internationally.

Human Interest Blog


Everybody has a story.

I listen, write, and share some stories with you. I often ponder about existential questions and I like to present different perspectives in order to shed some light on these matters. I observe people, facts, and happenings, and capture them in what I hope to be a good read.