I love working with business owners and helping them see their dreams come to fruition. I make an effort to really understand their business, aspirations, and motivations. I provide solutions that are custom to the business as well as to the person driving it.

The following packages provide your business with the foundation needed for any other marketing initiative, and are listed in a logical succession.

Package 1:


This is your marketing strategy health check, a starting point for a future course of action. I help clients clarify their business direction and organize the necessary steps to support their goals, providing an easy to implement roadmap. This is the perfect base package for any business owner.

The package includes consultations, current business audit, and recommendations.

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Package 2:


Your brand should be memorable and true to your business. It’s more than a logo. It should quickly and clearly state who you are and what the customer can expect. Consistency of use is key in establishing your brand’s top of mind awareness.

I will guide you through the brand identity discovery process, then help create your ideal branding.

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Package 3:


A website is your most important digital presence. This is where customers find out who you are and what your offer; it’s your business card and business portal.

Once you have your brand established, I set up your website on platforms such as WordPress, WIX, or Squarespace. I help with your website structure, content, and basic operational setup.

Send me a note about the package of interest and I will send you more detailed information about the process and deliverables.

Once you have a solid base presence—branding and business basics, such as an optimized website—I work with you on enhancing your marketing efforts to meet your goals. Good marketing involves a marketing mix, a variety of tactics and channels. It requires constant monitoring and interaction for best results.

I provide custom plans and services such as multi-platform marketing campaigns, social media planning and management, email marketing, content creation, and more. These services are listed below and they are available à la carte or on a project basis. Payment can be provided at an hourly rate, by project, or as a monthly retainer for ongoing services.

For best results, I recommend you purchase the Strategy Package first, as it includes the critical discovery process and looks at the bigger picture.

I love supporting a good cause! I offer reduced rates to non-profit organizations.

Social Media Marketing

I provide social media planning and targeted content via popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Email Campaigns

I create email communication flows, ensuring relevant content and timing for each audience segment based on your objectives and goals.

Marketing Campaigns

I develop and manage multi-platform communications to promote a special initiative or product you might have.

Additional Services

Á La Carte services are billed hourly, per project, or on a monthly basis, as agreed upon.

  • Social media assets
  • Social media implementation
  • Email assets
  • Print assets
  • Website updates
  • Photography
  • Survey creation
  • Keyword research
  • Marketing/consumer research
  • Customer base analysis and segmentation
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Writing Services

Writing services are billed at a project rate, based on complexity and length of the deliverable.

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Press releases

Send me a note, and let’s talk about making your business grow!