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I’m Oana (pronounced “wanna,” like in “wanna dance?”). I’m an experienced marketer pursuing many other passions in life, such as: writing, traveling, travel and food writing, cooking food, eating food (see a pattern here?), dancing, and interesting people stories.

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Hi, I’m Oana (as in “wanna dance”?). What are your marketing and writing needs?

I was born and raised in beautiful Romania, land of Dracula, Nadia Comaneci, and sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls – if you haven’t tasted these yet, you’re seriously missing out!). I hopped over the big pond to study at Berea College, the #1 liberal arts college in the South and a unique private college featuring an incredible tuition-free work-study education. After graduation, I proceeded to get my MBA in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Duke’s online continuing education provided me with the latest and greatest information in Digital Media and Marketing. But honestly, some of the best lessons came from life and my hands-on experience as a marketer, writer, dancer, and traveler.

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I love traveling and food, and I pursue both as much as possible, sharing my experiences with the readers of my travel blog GreatEscapetations.com (a play on words: Great Escape + Great Expectations). I muse about many things in my Thoughtfulicious.com blog. I ballroom dance and I am a proud mamma of three furry kids: two dogs and a cat.

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But enough about me…

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Many business owners or private brands simply don’t have the time and (wo)manpower to invest into self-promotion. I am here to help. I can provide you with sound marketing and strategic advice, as well as hands-on implementation of marketing tactics for your print, social media, or website.

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Check out my travel blog and find out more about less-traveled destinations, such as Romania, along with other beautiful corners of the world you should put on your list.

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Find interviews and musings about business, life, and whatever else is on my mind on my storytelling blog. I also want to hear what’s on YOUR mind, so share your dilemma or inspiring story!