Your Business Offering In Plain American English

If you own or work for a European business targeting the U.S. market, listen up!

Communication is a tricky yet vital part of making your business successful. You work hard to offer exceptional products or services, so don’t let that be lost in translation. I help European businesses optimize their message targeting the U.S. market.

If your native language isn’t English, I can clarify your message and word it in a way that translates well in the U.S. business environment.

With 20 years of marketing and communication experience across multiple industries in the U.S., I have a keen eye for relevant content, delivered efficiently.

Make your message clear, make your message heard!—let me help.

Step 1: Establish Goals

I learn about your communication goals and main business offerings.

Step 2: Content Audit

I review your main digital and print communication materials.

Step 3: Recommendations

I recommend changes to the content to best communicate your intended purpose to a U.S.-based audience.

Contact me today and let’s get your message across “the pond” clearly!

About me

I am a Romanian-born, American-educated, and world-traveled professional who can help you get your message across “the pond” clearly.

Oana Harrison Marketing Consulting
Oana Harrison—Marketing Consultant

Over the years, I provided strategy and implementation of marketing and communication plans to a variety of companies from diverse industries (such as packaging, luxury products, education, travel, and more). I have a passion for writing and have written short and long form content, including published articles, blogs, and a book. I am well-versed in photography and photo editing. My education includes a B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish from Berea College (the #1 liberal arts college in the South), an MBA degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and a Certificate in Digital Media and Marketing from Duke University. But honestly, some of the best lessons came from life and my hands-on experience as a marketer, writer, and traveler.

Oana is extremely passionate and efficient in managing communications and marketing initiatives/campaigns. I had the pleasure of working with Oana as a member of my senior team in the Office of Admissions for about 8 months. She did an incredible job of leading our communication efforts with external constituents and assessing our overall marketing impact.

Fabrizio D’Aloisio, Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Director of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Oana has done excellent work at JTV in the area of consumer understanding and leading our company’s loyalty initiatives. Her customer research has had an impact throughout the organization and helped drive top-line sales. Her segmentation modelling has enabled us to optimize sales opportunities with different groups of customers. She is also a great multi-functional team member and has played a key role of advancing cross-functional initiatives at JTV.

Randy Sadler, VP Marketing, Jewelry Television; Principal: CIC Services, LLC Director of Business Development at Ten X Healthcare

Oana is an excellent writer who brings passion and grace to all of her assignments. Under my direction at “Cityview,” Knoxville’s city magazine, Oana was the author of many wellness-focused articles, covering diverse topics such as how to fight colds and strengthen the immune system; why to eat healthy foods such as cabbage, orange and cruciferous vegetables, and bananas; and where to go for the best smoothies in town. Oana also interviewed local East Tennessee farmers and chefs—and offered the best of the best recipes from around town and across the globe (Oana’s Romanian background gave her articles a worldly flavor). Oana always stayed focused and produced colorful, creative, and reader-friendly articles; she takes direction well and is enterprising and dependable. Oana is articulate, self-assured, and an excellent collaborator.

Steven Friedlander, Principal and Chief Executive Officer at A3 Creative Group, LLC/Editor-in-Chief: Cityview Magazine